Success Story: Diet, Thyroid, & Fatigue

Have you been suffering from chronic fatigue for years? Maybe you don’t even know that you have severely low energy because it’s been so long since you had any! This was the case of a new patient.

A Patient’s Story

We did a follow up nutritional consultation with a 60 year old man from the local suburbs who was coming to Caring Medical for fatigue and weight loss, among other issues such as no thyroid gland. You’d be surprised how often we see patients with this condition – usually related to Graves Disease. His thyroid gland was removed years ago and he has suffered with multiple problems since that time.

He was started on Armor Thyroid to help his symptoms of cold extremities, inability to lose weight, dry skin, and hair loss. He was so frustrated that working out consistently and watching what he was eating was not helping to take off some of his almost 300 pounds. Aside from being started on Armor Thyroid, he was told to have Diet Typing. He was all for that! He wanted to find out if he was possibly eating all the wrong foods for his Diet Type. He typed out to be an Otter – which requires more protein and fat, a good amount of vegetables, a small amount of whole grains, and only a small serving of fruit per day.

Well, our friend was not eating like an Otter. He was eating more like the American Dietetic Association recommendations, low fat, high carbohydrate diet. He was feeding his body the wrong fuel. That was part of the whole weight loss-lack of energy problem. His body needs more protein and fat, not more carbs! But like many of our patients, they think that what they are doing is “healthy” and good. It may be healthy for some people, but not for all. That’s the whole point of getting Diet Typing – it’s tells YOU how to eat.

After just two weeks of being on the Armor plus using a different eating style, his increase in energy was amazing. He is now able to go out and about, to run errands without hesitation.

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