Success Story: Darcy – Two Years Later, Hormones, High Cholesterol, & Osteopenia


We often tell you of current patients that are finding success on their Hauser Diet, but we commonly hear,”Will I be on this diet forever?”  or “I hope I can keep up this success.” The answer is: You can! We know that there are a lot of crazy diets out there that promise quick and easy changes. But the Hauser Diet is a diet for a lifetime. Sure, there may be a few tweaks here and there, and we will certainly advise you on those if your particular case requires them, but the Hauser Diet is designed to support your physiology for a lifetime!

We recently had a long-time patient come back to see us to get some more ideas for variety in her diet. Darcy came to Caring Medical in August of 2006 with concerns over her hormone levels, her high cholesterol, and her osteopenia that had been diagnosed three months before. Her test results from Diet Typing showed that she should follow the Bear Diet. She first met with Caring Medical’s nutritionist in September of 2006 and after carefully examining Darcy’s diet, the nutritionist made appropriate recommendations.

Once month later Darcy received her food allergy test results. Their were a number of foods that tested positive for antibodies: dairy, chicken, gluten, malt, cod, halibut, red snapper, sardine, sole, trout, orange roughy, walnut, avocado, pineapple, asparagus, garlic, and kidney bean. Darcy worked with the nutritionist to come up with meal ideas that fit within the Bear Diet but also avoided her food allergies. Darcy worked very hard and followed the diet as closely as she could and also took all of the recommended supplements.

In December of 2007 Darcy returned to Caring Medical and reported that she was down to 148 pounds — right around her original goal weight. She had lost 4 dress sizes in the past two years (2 dress sizes while on the Bear Diet). Her bone density tests showed that she had increased bone mass and her cholesterol was in the normal range! Darcy was very happy with these results. She kept in touch via email over the next few years and would return once a year for a check-up with Dr. Hauser. She recently came to the office to report that she had lost a total of 4 dress sizes and 12 pounds, her cholesterol was still in the normal range, and her bone density was still at a good level. All she needed was a few meal ideas and some encouragement with the diet — which we gladly gave her! Darcy is the perfect example of how the Hauser Diet can work and keep working for you. Two and a half years after her initial testing Darcy has the confidence to eat right for her Diet Type and keep her health in great shape.

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