Success Story: Claire – Getting The Whole Family On The Hauser Diet

We recently told you about Claire, a wife and mother of two who came in to see us in hopes of losing weight and improving her health. She was approaching 50 and had seen her weight increase, her blood pressure rise, and her cholesterol start to creep out of the health range. She was already on high blood pressure medication and did not want to start another medication for her cholesterol. Despite her attempts at eating healthy, including Weight Watchers and other diets, she could not get her weight and her health to where she wanted it.

She was referred to Caring Medical by a friend and came to see us to have Diet Typing and food allergy testing done. Right away Claire did great with on the Monkey Diet. During her follow-up visit we made a few changes to her meals so that she was truly eating like a Monkey. She was so happy with her results that she sent her husband and 12 year old son to see us. They typed out to be Otters and found great success with weight loss and improved energy. Claire was so excited that she brought her 16 year old daughter to come see us. While here for her daughter’s visit, she gave us an update on how she was doing. She was very happy to tell us that she had lost a total of 30 pounds, had gotten off of her blood pressure medications, and had seen a drop of 56 points in her cholesterol score. The results were great ÔÇô no more medications for Claire! We were very excited for Claire and for her family. We believe that everyone ÔÇô no matter how young or old ÔÇô should know their Hauser Diet Type. If you or someone you know hasn’t gone through Diet Typing, what are you waiting for? We are ready to get you started today!

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Claire is a wife and mother of two who came in to see us in hopes of losing weight and improving her health. As she approached 50, she saw the “normal” signs of aging suddenly upon her. Unfortunately Claire did not believe her weight gain, high blood pressure, and rising cholesterol should be considered normal signs of aging. She had visited her general practitioner who had her on a blood pressure medication and was fearful that she would have to start a second one as her pressure continued to rise.

Claire decided to try the popular diet plans promoted by celebrities on tv. Unfortunately what was working for the diet spokepeople was not working for her. Her attempts at a health diet only produced frustration and more weight gain.

A friend who had been Hauser Diet Typed referred Claire to us. Claire thought that “balance” was the key to successful dieting. She worked hard on making sure she and her family ate meals with protein, carbohydrates, and either fruit or vegetables. Claire was surprised to learn that for her, “balance” was not something that was going to work for her.

Claire’s Diet Typing results showed that she turned out to be a Hauser Monkey Diet Type. Balance for her meant more complex carbohydrates and vegetables and less protein and fat.

Claire began to implement these changes and noticed such a change that she wanted her husband, Adam, and her 13 year old son, Zach to come right in for Diet Typing.

It was one thing for them to be overweight and for her husband to complain of fatigue, but a 13 year old boy with no energy? No way.

Like father, like son, both turned out to be Hauser Otter Types. While Claire needed to reduce her protein and fats, her husband and son needed to increase them.

Claire had a number of adjustments to make with the family meals, but as a family, they worked together to find meals that they could all enjoy. After a few months of changes, Claire called to say that she had lost a total of 23 pounds, her husband had lost ten pounds, and her son had lost ten pounds. She was thrilled about the energy that her son had found on the diet, and she said that he was like a new child: he had completely stopped complaining about being tired all of the time and he was able to be more active throughout the day. Claire was excited to have her daughter go through the Diet Typing and food allergy testing next ÔÇô even though her daughter was at a healthy weight and was physically active, she knew the importance of eating right for your Diet Type.

The story of this family reiterates the theory of the Hauser Diet: there is no one-size-fits all approach to healthy eating. Even within a family, Diet Types can vary and it’s important to know what food to put on each person’s plate so that the whole family can feel great!

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