Success Story: Beth – Success on The Monkey Diet

I just heard from a patient of ours a few days ago who is following the Hauser Monkey Diet. I feel like I’m always giving the updates on the Otters and Lions out there. We wanted to make sure and let everyone know that results do happen on our higher carb diets also. This patient called to update us on her progress and to have me tell her what her initial measurements were when she first came to see in the beginning of October. She was so excited to let me know what was going on!

Beth came to Caring Medical in October of 2006 because of multiple issues. She is a 58 year old post menopausal woman who had been struggling to lose weight for that past 5 years. At 5’8” Beth was now almost 215 pounds and very frustrated. She was always feeling extremely fatigued, had slightly high cholesterol, and just didn’t feel like herself. Currently, she was walking a few times a week and eating a low carb diet. Breakfast was an egg and yogurt, lunch was a salad with meat or sometimes a sandwich, and dinner was meat and vegetables. Every once in a while she would have some dessert, but tried to limit that. Exercise was a little less than what she would like, but she was just too tired to do more. With doing a high protein diet and adding in some physical activity she couldn’t understand how she had managed to put on weight and not be able to lose it.

It’s a good thing she came in and got Diet Typing. Her labs showed us that she actually needed a diet high in complex carbohydrates in order to optimize her energy and health. A high protein diet was not going to produce any positive outcomes anytime soon. She of course was shocked to hear that she was a Monkey, but was willing to make the changes and try. Besides, she had nothing to lose…what she was doing was not working so why not try something new! We also went over her exercise regimen and discussed the benefits of adding a little strength training, as well as increasing her cardio when able. We told her that a huge benefit of being on the right diet plan is being at an optimal energy level.

Well 3 1-2 months later, she is doing great. She has lost over 25 pounds, numerous inches, and has been able to increase her exercise because she feels so good. Beth said that once she adapted to this new way of eating it was easy to stick to the plan because it made her feel so much better. When ever she fell off, she really felt the difference. Lifestyle changes are hard, but once you get in the rhythm and realize how much better off you are, it becomes second nature. Eating right means different things to different people, so this is just one example of how knowing what it means for you can really change your life! If you haven’t been in to see us for Diet Typing, now is the time. Don’t continue to be frustrated, find out what is going to work for you!*

*results may vary

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