Success Story: Ben – Diet Typing Stops Diabetes in its Tracks


Ben, a busy business owner came to see us because he didn’t have the energy to “feel good and work hard” everyday. He had high cholesterol, headaches, and needed a diet that would help him lose the exhausted feeling he had in the middle of each day.

Ben naturally felt better when he ate protein, so he tended to eat a lot of it. But his Diet Typing results showed that he wasn’t eating enough! His blood sugars were out of control, indicating that Ben was pre-diabetic. He was a fast oxidizer and his glucose curve showed a major “crash” after ingesting the grape drink used for Diet Typing. Had he not come in for testing, Type II Diabetes would have been in his future.

Ben was placed on the Lion Diet in order to increase the amount of protein he was currently eating so that he could control his blood sugars. He also had his food allergies tested and would need to incorporate those into the Lion Diet. He tested positive for three of the major allergies – eggs, dairy and wheat. Ben was serious about making changes and went home determined to prevent a further decline in his health.


When Ben came back into follow-up, he was very happy with the changes he had seen. He noticed that if he followed the Lion Diet and ate the appropriate Lion foods every 3 hours, his energy level was much better. The need to eat every three hours showed that Ben truly was a fast oxidizer and needed frequent meals to keep his energy level going. Not only was his energy better, but he had experienced some weight loss – 10 pounds in one month! He also lost an inch in his waist. His headaches had improved since beginning the diet and he believed that the food allergies had a lot to do with that – if he decided to “cheat” and eat one of his food allergies, he noticed that a headache would return.

Ben had done so well in changing his diet that he eventually became an Otter. A lot of people ask us if they will stay on one diet for the rest of their lives. Many times, patients will see such great results that they will be able to switch to a more liberal diet. This was the case for Ben. He worked hard to make all of the recommended changes and saw the results of his efforts. Ben is just one of many patients we see here who have undiagnosed pre-diabetes or even undiagnosed diabetes. So not only will Diet Typing get you on track for maximum health, it will stop the disease process in its tracks and prevent you from a serious health condition.

So you or your loved ones haven’t found out your Hauser Diet Type yet, give us a call or make an appointment online and get started on the path to optimal health!

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