Success Story: Are You Over Weight & Over 60?

When we say that it is never too late to get healthy, we mean it. We’ve talked about being 30 something, 40 something, and 50 something. Now we’re going to talk about a woman in her 60’s who decided to take charge, change her habits, and get well.

As a brand new grandmother, one patient came to us about a year ago to figure out what was wrong with her. She had been having symptoms of fatigue, body aches, recurrent infections, and a rising weight problem. The patient felt like she was at the end of her rope and wanted answers to these problems that seemed to have no origin.

After her initial consultation the doctor ordered some lab work. There were thoughts of possible food allergies and Candida, among other things. While the patients test results did not reveal any significant food allergies, her Candida test was positive. After seeing the nutritionist and getting started on her new Candida Diet (very low carb diet like a Lion Diet) she was on her way to hopefully getting rid of this problem that had caused her so much agony. Even though the Candida Diet is strict and was going to be a severe change, she knew she had to do it if she wanted to feel good again.

This person was a picture perfect Candida patient….she followed the diet almost perfectly. It is now one year later and we were amazed at her progress when she came back in for her follow up. She’s still eating well and feeling better and stronger. The thing she is the happiest about is that she lost just over 40 pounds in this last year.

When she originally came in to see us, she also did Diet Typing and typed out to be an Otter. Although the Otter Diet is quite similar to the Candida Diet, the Otter does allow for a few more options. She was so focused on getting rid of the Candida that she didn’t really even learn much about the Otter Diet…until now. We decided to ease her into the Otter Diet now that she is feeling better, and that is a big happy step for her!

Now she’s getting back to a healthy weight and can be an active grandmother!

*Not everyone will achieve this type of success. Results may vary.

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