Success Story: Anne – Fatigue, Excess Weight, Bloating, & Stiffness


Some of the most common complaints we see here at Caring Medical are weight gain, low energy, bloating, and stiff joints. It’s amazing what a few diet changes can do to relieve these symptoms. Anne was a patient who came to see us with all of the above. Anne was still in her 20’s BUT she felt like an old lady!

Once we saw Anne’s Diet Typing results, we knew her body was not fit to handle carbohydrates. Her Modified Glucose Tolerance Test showed that her blood sugars shot up quickly and then crashed. Anne mentioned that she does feel energy crashes when she eats carbohydrates; in fact she had already been following a high protein diet. We knew that she needed to take her diet one step further with the Lion Diet. She would need to seriously decrease her carbohydrate intake and cut out all fruit in order to keep her blood sugar from going haywire.

We figured that one month on the Lion Diet would be good for Anne, and then she could switch to the Otter. However on her follow-up visit, Anne told us that she had tried to incorporate more carbohydrates into her diet and she experienced the same dramatic rise and fall of her blood sugars. She even tested her blood sugars with a glucometer and saw that they were way too high for her comfort.

Anne was content on the Lion diet, she had more energy, less bloating, less aches and had even lost a size in her clothes – she had to go buy new ones! She also mentioned that her skin had a nice pink glow to it, something she hadn’t noticed in a while.

She told us that every once in a while she craves a big bowl of pasta, but in her mind, the taste is not worth the crash she experiences, so she settles for a handful of walnuts and pecans to do the trick.

So again, what a difference just a few small diet changes can make – increasing Anne’s protein from what she had previously been doing made allowed her to be healthier, happier, and more energized as she approached her 30’s.

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