Success Story: Andrea – Mom Finds New Energy with the Lion Diet


Andrea came to Caring Medical within hopes of improving her energy swings she was having everyday. Not only did Andrea home-school her two children, she also kept a very busy schedule. She noticed that no matter how “healthy” she ate, she could never have enough energy to get through the day. She ate organic food, drank herbal teas, and even eliminated gluten from her diet in hopes of an answer. Andrea decided to come to Caring Medical last summer and get Diet Typing to see what individual diet would work best for her energy levels.

Andrea’s Diet Typing results showed that she was in fact a fast oxidizer and had blood sugars that dipped below normal. She also had acidic pH. These two factors meant that Andrea would need to follow the Hauser Lion Diet, which is a very high protein and fat diet that helpsto prevent blood sugar and energy crashes and raise her blood pH back into the normal range.

After one month on the Hauser Lion Diet, Andrea returned to Caring Medical and reported that she couldn’t believe how much better she felt on the Lion Diet. She said that her energy was higher, she felt satisfied after each meal, and she didn’t crave food in between meals or snacks. In fact, she even attended a family camp for 2 weeks and was able to eat mostly meat and vegetables – she said she has never felt better! She was more than ready to begin another year of home-schooling and was confident she would have enough energy to get through each day.

This is a simple example of how knowing what foods your body needs can help you live and enjoy life to the fullest capacity. Eating right for your Diet Type is not necessarily about losing weight. Andrea didn’t have a weight problem. But she was tremendously tired.

Andrea, like many of our patients, “thought” she was eating “healthy.” But the question is – what IS healthy – for YOU? Just because the media says that fruits and carbs are healthy for the general public, doesn’t make them particularly healthy for you. In Andrea’s case, she was eating too many “healthy” fruits and carbs, which actually were un-healthy for her particular Hauser Diet Type. The great thing about Hauser Diet Typing is that you can know for sure what foods you need to eat in order to feel great. If you are interested in getting Hauser Diet Typing, we’d love to help you! Give us a call today!


As you may know, the Hauser Lion Diet is the highest protein/fat diet of all the Hauser Diet Types. It is designed for people who have acidic blood pH and have proved to be fast oxidizers based on their modified glucose tolerance test. Sometimes this diet is prescribed only for a short while to balance a person’s blood pH, and then the person may be switched to the Otter Diet. However there are some people who need to follow this diet indefinitely – their bodies feel better and function better on this carnivorous diet.

Andrea noticed immediate changes on the diet and was very happy with her energy levels. Within one month she was noticing some serious changes, although she was still about 10 pounds overweight. After looking at her food diary, we determined that she was doing great on the diet. However when we asked about exercise, she admitted that she hadn’t had time to add that to her routine. We explained that the diet can help with a number of things, but exercise is a very important factor in overall health, especially when trying to lose weight. We pointed her in the right direction as to where to start with exercise and she was off to incorporate one more change to her lifestyle.


She returned for a follow-up nutrition visit. We instructed her to continue with the Lion Diet and to let us know if anything changed with her energy or weight loss. But it seems that this busy mom has found the diet she had been looking for and now had made it a part of her life. Along with some exercise and continued positive thinking, she was sure to continue with feeling great!

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