Success Story: Allison – The Wrong “Healthy” Diet


When people who have been healthy their entire lives start noticing changes in their health as they start to get older, they are often motivated to change. Take the case of Allison, an avid athlete who had always been careful with what she ate. She consumed mostly organic food and made sure that all of her meals were low in fat. Despite having an ideal body weight, as she approached her mid-forties she started having hot flashes and night sweats. Someone told her about Caring Medical and our natural approach to health. The Diet Typing and natural medicine sounded appealing. She knew that she ate well, but she wanted a diet for life that would prevent disease and keep at the optimal health level she was so used to.

After years of body building, running and cycling, Allison was ready to get back to feeling great. After a consultation with Dr. Hauser, she was off to Caring Medical’s lab for Diet Typing,┬áfood allergy testing, and hormone testing. Her Diet Typing results were available immediately and showed that Allison was on her way to developing diabetes ÔÇô her blood sugars rose very high before crashing down and she had┬áacidic blood. Her low-fat diet was also high in┬ácomplex carbohydrates which was not supportive of her blood sugars. Allison would need the┬áLion Diet to correct her physiology. Although she was reluctant to add fat to her diet, she agreed to give it a try.

After a few weeks the rest of Allison’s lab tests were back. She had a few food allergies to avoid and her hormone results showed that she would need a slight amount of natural hormone replacement. With the diet, hormones, and a few recommended supplements, Allison was on her way to disease prevention.

She kept in touch over the next few months as she gradually improved. She told us that she was feeling much better ÔÇô her hot flashes had relieved and she noticed an increase in her energy. As an added bonus her skin’s appearance had improved, which she attributed to the removal of her┬áfood allergies from her diet.

We are glad that Allison came to see us when she did, all she needed was a change in diet and a few other changes to get her health on track ÔÇô she didn’t even know that she was headed towards diabetes, but Diet Typing was able to catch that for her. If you feel like you are in need of a tune-up, Diet Typing may be the thing for you! Give us a call to get your first┬áappointment set up.

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