Success Story: Alice – Why To Avoid Fake Foods


It’s amazing to see all of the convenience food products that the food industry continues to create. From microwaveable food and one skillet meals to crackers and cookies many people enjoy the quick preparation involved, or lack thereof. However there is one problem with all of these products – they are not real food. Since they are not real food, that means that many nutrients are missing or destroyed and many harmful chemicals and ingredients are added. For someone who is looking to obtain/maintain a healthy weight, enjoy great energy, sleep well, have great looking skin, have healthy digestion, avoid illness, and prevent disease, convenience food should be far from their plates.

When we tell someone to eat right for their Diet Type, they have to be eating fresh food. The reason is that the added chemicals in most convenience and pre-packaged foods are not found on any of the Hauser Diet Food Pyramids. They offer minimal to no nutrition to the human body, so they are not going to help with our patients’ goals.

Take the case of Alice, a young 28 year old woman who came to see us for chronic pain and fatigue. She battled pain in her low back, hips, neck, and feet after a long day of standing. She was a pharmacist and spent her whole day on her feet and her lack of energy made it hard to get through the day. She got plenty of sleep – close to ten hours a night but never felt fully rested. The pharmacy she worked for had a multitude of convenience foods, which she received a discount on, so her diet consisted mainly of these foods and she grazed all day long. Alice was in need of a change. Her friend who had come to see up referred Alice to Dr. Hauser. After her first visit with the doctor, Alice was off for the Diet Typing and food allergy tests.

Alice’s Diet Typing results showed that she was a fast oxidizer with acidic blood pH – Alice needed protein! Unfortunately the convenience foods that she grazed on all day long were full of high fructose corn syrup and bleached wheat flour – both terrible food ingredients but even more terrible for someone with acidic blood and fast oxidation. Alice was placed on the Hauser Otter Diet and worked with the nutritionist to come up with meal ideas that could fit into her lifestyle.

Alice came back two months later to report that she “had her life back”. She had much more energy, her sleep had improved and her pain was almost completely gone. She even said that she had enough energy at night to do some laundry – that was out of the question before Diet Typing!

Alice had given up soda, fig newtons, bread, and chips and had added salads with avocado and organic lunch meat, grilled meat and vegetables, and occasional whole wheat rolls. Her second visit consisted of reviewing her food allergy results and discussing a few more changes that Alice needed to make. Seeing the dramatic difference that the Hauser Otter Diet had made, Alice was ready to see how avoiding her food allergies would help her even more.

We see dramatic improvements such as Alice’s all the time – especially when people go from eating convenience foods to fresh, whole foods. Eating right for your Diet Type requires fresh food and what a difference you will feel! Give us a call today to set up your Diet Typing appointment!

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