Success Story: Alex – A Nine Year-Old-Boy Who Was Always Sick

When most people think “diet” they think of an adult trying to lose weight. But the Hauser Diet is so much more. We have patients as young as 8 and as old as 91 coming to see us! Recently we had a younger patient – a 9 year boy Alex – come to see us. His mom was desperate for some answers to his health – he had severe asthma and every winter would become sick with sinus infections, strep throat, congestion, etc. As soon as school started and the weather changed Alex’s health would start to decline. He was put on multiple steroids and medications to cure all of his illnesses. His health was a stress both on him and his mother who was constantly looking for the cure to the way her son was feeling.

When she came to see us we immediately started with diet – Alex had Diet Typing and food allergy testing. When the results came back it was clear that Alex had some changes to make. He would need to begin on the Otter diet and he had a number of food allergies that he would need to avoid – three of them being wheat, dairy and eggs. There were some adjustments to be made and it wouldn’t be easy for Alex, especially at age 9, but he and his mom were willing to give it a try. His mom had to work closely with our nutritionist to come up with meals that Alex would enjoy eating.

After five months on the diet, Alex’s mom called in December to give us an update on his progress. In her words, Alex was doing very well. He did not have his usual bout of sinus infections or strep throat – the first time in four years that he had been illness-free! She said that they were saving a lot of money on doctor’s trips and medications. She was amazed that she had finally found the answer to all her son’s problems – they had tries so many treatments and medications, the fact that diet and food could affect someone so much was incredible. She also told us that Alex had not had an asthma attack since before his first visit with Dr. Hauser!

The amazing thing is that many young children battle with asthma, severe seasonal allergies, and illness, but parents never think to look at their diet. Food can affect so many things, including the immune system. If you or your children are struggling with frequent illness, asthma, or allergies, consider diet. Then give us a call so we can get you started in feeling better. Just a few tests and you can be on your way to feeling better!

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