Success Story: Andy – Ulcerative Colitis

The Hauser Diet is an approach to eating that allows one’s body to function at its maximum potential. When a person with an autoimmune disease (a disease where the body is attacking itself) comes to see us we typically begin by ordering Diet Typing and food sensitivity testing because it is of utmost importance that the autoimmune patient’s body function to its maximum potential.

These two lab tests reveal the correct diet plan to fuel the body and eliminate wrong foods that can cause the body to have to work harder and fighting off “perceived invaders” as well as actually trigger autoimmune disease “attacks.”

One such person was Andy, a young man who had been battling ulcerative colitis for over 10 years.

His symptoms included loose bloody stools, abdominal pain, weight loss, and anemia. He had all of the typical symptoms of ulcerative colitis and therefore underwent all of the typical treatments – steroids, various medications, and diet manipulation. He had previously followed a “very restricted diet” and saw minimal relief. After years of battling this disease his doctor told him the next step would be to remove Andy’s colon and manage his medications as best as possible. At a young age Andy wanted to do everything he could to prevent this surgery, so he came to Caring Medical to give natural medicine a try.

At Andy’s first visit, Dr. Hauser explained the role of diet in autoimmune diseases. He recommended that Andy start with Hauser Diet Typing and food sensitivity testing. He also wanted to check Andy’s hormone levels to see if he would need natural hormone replacement therapy.

Avoiding close to 50 foods

At the time of the consultation, Andy’s diet consisted of simple foods such as yogurt, toast, fruit, rice, potatoes, all accompanied by meat. He had been told that a high protein diet would help with his ulcerative colitis, so he tried to incorporate protein with each meal. When Andy’s Diet Typing results returned, however, it was clear that protein was not what was needed to help his condition. Andy’s Diet Typing results revealed that he was a slow oxidizer and had an alkaline venous blood pH, a true Hauser Giraffe, which would mean Andy would need a strictly vegetarian diet. In addition to the Hauser Giraffe Diet, he would need to avoid close to 50 foods and spices that his food sensitivity testing showed as positive.

Andy met with Dr. Hauser and our clinical staff to begin planning for his new diet plan. Although he was a bit hesitant to give up the protein, he was willing to give the new plan a try. He showed a lot of motivation and got started right away with the Giraffe Diet and a supplement regime while he waited for his hormone results to return.

Adrenal Fatigue

Andy’s hormone results revealed that he was also suffering from adrenal fatigue. Dr. Hauser prescribed natural hormone replacement therapy to treat this condition. Over the next few weeks Andy corresponded with the staff about his progress. He had a lot of questions about his diet plan and meal ideas, but overall he did a fantastic job following the right plan for his physiology. He began eating foods such as quinoa and millet, colorful salads and roasted vegetables, tofu scrambles and a variety of stir fry recipes. He was making big changes to his “normal” diet, but he was also choosing to be creative with his meals and discovering the power of food.

Slowly he started to notice improvements as his bowel movements became solid and he started gaining some weight. Little by little less blood would appear in his stools. He was persistent with the Giraffe Diet, his supplements, and hormones and after two months of implementing these changes he called to let us know he was feeling “really good” and was shocked at the differences that he was seeing in such a short amount of time. We were thrilled to see Andy’s body begin to heal and we continue to correspond with him to ensure that his healing is complete.

What could have been a life-altering surgery was prevented with the Hauser Diet as Andy’s body was given the nutrients and fuel it needed to function at its best. If you or someone you know is battling an autoimmune disease we would love to help, give our office a call today to see the power of the Hauser Diet.

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