What Does It Mean To Have Acidic Blood?

You will often hear us talk about Blood pH when we talk about Diet Typing. We describe your blood pH as acidic, normal, or alkaline. However, many people, even after having Diet Typing done, don’t really understand what it means to have acidic blood. Remember, we are actually testing your blood pH using a CLIA (laboratory governing body) approved machine that is used in most Intensive Care Units in America.


Our pH machine at Caring Medical is calibrated so that if your blood pH reads below 7.364 you are considered acidic. Be aware that this may vary if you are reading literature, or getting tested from another source or institution. Also, we are talking about VENOUS BLOOD pH…not urine or saliva pH. Keep that in mind if you are researching pH.


When you are outside of the normal range for blood pH, the amount of ATP you produce will decrease. ATP is our energy source, so when it diminishes, so do our energy levels! Energy is one of the keys to good health. Think about how you feel and what you do when you’re tired and feeling drained. Many people will make poor choices when fatigued such as eating the wrong food or bypassing their exercise. The point is that low energy tends to lead to decline in health. For each person the exact health issues that may arise will be different. One commonality that it stems from, however, is not eating properly for your Diet Type.


It’s true that there are a few different ways to normalize your blood pH. Of course we are concerned with how to do it nutritionally. Fats and proteins, meaning meat, eggs, oil, and nuts just to name a few, are foods that will help increase, or alkalinize your blood pH. Those who tend to be acidic are often put on the Hauser Otter or Hauser Lion Diets. This is not always the case due to other factors that we test, but these two Hauser Diets are our higher protein and fat diets and will assist in getting blood pH normal for acidic patients.

If you have been here for Diet Typing and had acidic blood, but were not placed on one of these Hauser Diets that was probably due to a more pressing factor.

Don’t forget the effect that temperature has on your blood pH. People with acidic blood tend to be cold. So they crave hot weather. Heat will alkalinize the blood pH. So sitting in a hot tub or sauna is always an option!

If you would like to know what your blood pH level is, make an appointment. This simple test could give your health big improvements!

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