The Hauser Diet For Hypertension

Known as the “silent killer” high blood pressure, or hypertension, is a condition that needs to be taken seriously. It occurs when blood travels through the arteries of the body at a dangerously high pressure, putting strain on major organs of the body such as the heart, kidneys and brain. Obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, stress and excessive amounts of alcohol or salt in food all play a role in the development of high blood pressure.



At fifty years of age her doctor diagnosed her with hypertension and told her she had hardening around her heart. She was taking two medications for blood pressure and one medication for her thyroid. She was also experiencing hot flashes as she was entering into menopause. When her doctor suggested an additional medication for anxiety, Geri decided it was time to give natural medicine a try. She did not want to start a long list of medications and wanted to treat her hypertension without the use of pharmaceuticals. At Geri’s first visit, Dr. Hauser discussed all of the possible causes of hypertension as mentioned above.

Geri had many areas to improve – at 5’2” she weight 189 pounds, putting her in the obese category.

Her activity level was low and she had areas of stress in her life. Dr. Hauser recommended a few lab tests including Hauser Diet Typing, Food Sensitivity testing and blood hormone testing.

He also recommended three supplements to aid in thinning her blood and providing the correct nutrients to decrease her blood pressure. She was instructed to stay on her medications until she started on the Hauser Diet. When Geri’s Diet Typing results returned it was clear that she needed a change. Her blood sugars were extremely high, putting her at risk for diabetes. She would need a serious change in her eating habits, not only for her hypertension, but also for prevention of other diseases.

Dr. Hauser placed Geri on the Lion Diet, the diet plan with the highest percentage of protein and fat and the lowest percentage of carbohydrates. Geri was worried about her sugar cravings, but we assured her that a change in her diet plan would help, and for additional assistance she began taking Beulah’s GTF and Lipoic Acid to try to help control both her cravings and her high blood sugars. She was also instructed to begin a strength training and cardio regimen to aid in weight loss. Lastly, Dr. Hauser gave her a detailed schedule for weaning off her blood pressure medications.

Within two weeks Geri started noticing lower blood pressure and she felt comfortable cutting back her medication doses. She went from a typical blood pressure of 140/90 down to a typical blood pressure of about 120/70. She was recording her blood pressure twice a day and was communicating with us via email. She followed the weaning schedule for her blood pressure medications and was able to discontinue both medications within a month of starting her new diet plan and supplements. One month was all she needed to eliminate this deadly condition and eliminate two medications. She is continuing to work with us to lose weight and prevent further disease. Her case is a great example of the power that a healthy diet plan has in a person’s life.