What’s In Your Chicken

All chicken is not created equal! In fact, most commercially available chicken is not fit for human consumption! I know that is a bold statement, but when you research this topic, you’ll be shocked what you will find! We recommend you buy organic chicken! Why?

Most of you have probably heard on various television shows or read in magazines or websites that most “regular” chicken comes from places where the chickens are given drugs to speed up their rate of growth, commonly estrogen and other chemicals. The mass-produced chicken you’ll find in grocery stores are also injected with antibiotics typically because these chickens are kept in very horrible, cramped and damp conditions, with no natural ventilation, therefore diseases spread rapidly, hence the need for antibiotics. This environment creates stress that can lead to disease, as well as tasteless and low nutritional quality chicken driving the need for the chickens to be injected with chemicals that create an artificial juiciness.

If the above is not reason enough to avoid commercially available chicken, listen to this! Arsenic is commonly used in conventional chicken feed to ward off parasites and to promote growth. Arsenic? Yes, arsenic! Arsenic is a poison and increases our risk of cancer. Hard to believe, but it’s true! Although recently many chicken producers have decided to stop using arsenic, not all of them have. The USDA does not require it at this time.

These are some of the reasons why we recommend that you purchase organic chicken (or Amish chicken because they follow many of the same standards) in order to buy the safest form of chicken. Why? You’ll not only taste the difference, your body and your family’s bodies will be safer. Organic farmers do a number of things to ensure that chickens are raised as naturally as possible. But there are even more reasons to choose organic.


Chicken has always been fed only organic grains. (Organic grains – non GMO; no chemicals or pesticides were used on the farm for at least 3 years.) Feed is checked and verified for organic standards.
Chicken was never given any antibiotics, hormones, or drugs.
Organic chickens are reared for at least 81 days, allowing chicks to grow at their natural rate. Most non-organic chickens sold in supermarkets have been killed after only 42 days. Not only is this inhumane, but it makes them bland, fatty, and tasteless.
Chicken was raised humanely and in a stress-free environment.
Bird was free-range and had access daily to fresh air and sunshine outdoors. Bird had room to move. Outdoors area was clean and safe.

Read your labels! Organic certification standards state that food must undergo as little processing as is practical. Additives that are dangerous to health such as hydrogenated fat are not permitted, as well as other dyes, fillers, and chemicals, so organic processed foods like chicken nuggets are much better for your health than the non-organic equivalent. Have you ever taken a look at processed chicken labels? You have to wonder if you are even getting any meat. We recommend that you consume food in its freshest state for your most optimal food choices.

Remember, organic standards are legally binding. All organic businesses must be licensed by law, and are fully inspected at least once a year. The bottom line: The reasons are many for why you need to purchase good quality poultry. Eating chicken out in a restaurant or fast food establishment is somewhat risky in that you do not know what type of chicken they purchase, unless it is listed on their menus. So please, beware and buy smart and eat smart! Your health depends on it!