Understanding Food: Back to the Basics

Do you ever feel confused about what food products to purchase? Are you in the grocery aisles trying to read labels and not sure what to put in your cart? Doesn’t everyone benefit from fat-free or sugar-free foods – because fat and sugar should be avoided by everyone, right?

Many people purchase products because they “think” they are choosing the healthiest foods. As you know, first and foremost, we recommend that people eat foods in their most natural forms – not from a box or a microwavable container. Secondly, however, each person needs to know what breakdown of macronutrients is best for his/her individual Diet Type. In other words, which foods are right for each individual person depends on your individual Hauser Diet Type. Remember, patients whose Hauser Diet Typing tests reveal Lion or Otter physiology need to consume primarily protein and fat. Hauser Monkeys and Giraffes are on the opposite end of the Hauser Diet spectrum and require less protein and fat, yet more carbohydrates. The Hauser Bear Diet Type is in the middle.

Consequently, in order to fully understand the Hauser Diet, you must first understand the building blocks of food – namely protein, carbohydrates, and fat. I recently had the opportunity to teach a nutrition/cooking class to twelve home school children and five parents. We covered this very topic – so everyone, young and old needs to understand it.


Protein is a naturally occurring substance that provides the building blocks for many functions in our bodies. Long protein chains are made up of individual amino acids, some of which are essential for our bodies to live. In other words, you cannot live without protein. Foods high in protein come primarily from animal sources, but some plant-based products contain moderate amounts as well.

Good protein containing foods: beef, chicken, fish, pork, lamb, turkey, eggs, tofu, nuts, legumes (also contain carbs).

Hauser Diets Highest in Protein: Lion, then Otter.


Fat is used as an energy source by the body, and also plays an integral role in hormone production, skin and hair condition, and joint lubrication. Fats are made up of long chains of fatty acids, some of which are called “essential” meaning that they must be consumed in your food and cannot be gotten from any other source (IE your own body). Everyone needs some fat in their diets.

Good fat containing foods: nuts, butter, olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, avocados, natural nitrate-free bacon, and fish oil.

Hauser Diets Highest in Fat: Lion, then Otter.


Carbohydrates are compounds made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, which include starches, cellulose, and sugars, and are important sources of energy. All carbohydrates are eventually broken down in the body to glucose, a simple sugar. Simple carbohydrates are foods that are already broken down to sugar and are therefore very quickly absorbed by the body such as table sugar, soda, candy, cake, pie, cookies, certain sports drinks, white bread, white pasta, white rice, and similar products. Fiber-containing carbohydrates are broken down more slowly in the body and aid in normal digestion, along with other health benefits.

Good carbohydrate containing foods: vegetables, whole grains, split peas, lentils, potatoes with skins, oats, and corn.

Hauser Diets Highest in Carbohydrates: Giraffe and Monkey.

In Summary

Take the time to first fully understand the definition of carbohydrates, protein and fat. You can read more about this in detail in Chapter 2 of The Hauser Diet: A Fresh Look at Healthy Living! Once you fully grasp what foods fall into what category, you will be better able to figure out how you should eat.

In our consultations with patients, we try to help you understand these concepts first and foremost. Then we talk food. When we review your food diaries, we will help you figure out if you are indeed following your prescribed Hauser Diet appropriately. Many people need a little tweaking – because their percentage of macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fat) are a bit off (some more than others).

We then need to review which foods fit into the carb/protein/fat categories. It is important that you realize what you are eating. This is the only way you will succeed on the Hauser Diet. How many grams of sugar are in a particular food is not as important as just realizing you are taking in sugar (simple carb) when you are supposed to be consuming protein and fat!