Understanding Cholesterol & The Hauser Diet

We know that you have heard us say “a low-fat diet isn’t for everyone.” Everyone’s physiology is different, how can one diet support all the health needs of people everywhere?

A common concern that we get here at Caring Medical is high cholesterol levels. While we don’t focus only on cholesterol for heart health (more on that later), if it is a concern for one of our patients, we want to make sure we address it.

However most of us have heard that in order to lower cholesterol, we need a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet. We have seen that this diet is not necessarily going to work for all people.

In reality, some people are actually going to see an increase in cholesterol while following a low-fat diet because it does not support their physiology and results in their bodies creating more cholesterol, and thus blood lipid levels rise.

The good news is you do not have to go on a medication to lower your cholesterol; you need to eat right for your Diet Type! Take the example of one of our patients, Tim, who has had high cholesterol for years and was obsessed with his cholesterol numbers. He was so determined to lower his cholesterol that he went almost completely vegetarian, eating lean meat only twice per week. His cholesterol numbers were borderline high, but they bothered him enough to take some action.

Tim was tested for Diet Type and it was revealed that he was a fast oxidizer. Tim would need some meat with every meal every day, not just twice a week. We placed Tim on the Bear Diet, a balanced diet that includes some meat with most meals. Tim was very skeptical of the diet and kept expressing his concern about his cholesterol going up. We told Tim to trust us, give us 6 weeks on the diet and see what happens.

Wouldn’t you know, a few months later Tim had his lipid levels tested and they were all in the normal range, no more borderline high cholesterol. Tim was very pleased, and we were glad to see his excitement. But we did have to tell him that cholesterol is not the only factor he should be watching.

The truth is that people with normal cholesterol have heart attacks everyday! Many people worry about their cholesterol because they feel they have to, based on drug companies and the media bombarding us with the impression there is a one to one linkage between elevated blood fats and arteriosclerosis.

At Caring Medical, we take a comprehensive approach to help you prevent heart disease. Diet plays a huge role in prevention of heart disease, as well as lack of physical activity, high C-Reactive protein levels, and Homocysteine levels. A complete evaluation by a physician trained in these things is something that everyone needs to do – especially if you are over 30 years old! But you are never too old – or too young, for that matter – to start!