The Naturally Low Fat Diet

My Diet Type is definitely a Monkey. I have tendencies toward alkaline blood pH and have to work hard not to get overheated when the outside temperatures rise above 60 degrees F.

Discovering that you need to give up some of your favorite foods after doing Diet Typing maybe hard to swallow. Food is such a passionate thing – it involves emotions, socialization, and comfort. Who wants to give that up?

As Monkeys, you need to be eating a naturally lower fat diet. If you are someone who likes to eat a lot of foods that tend to be higher in fat, such as cheeses or other dairy products for example, you may have a hard time giving those up. It is important to realize the benefit in not eating those foods. Realize that when you can give them up, you will feel better – now that’s such a motivation!

I know that if I eat a lot of fat, or meat for that matter, I will feel sluggish, tired, constipated, and hot. Who wants to feel like that?

Here are some tips to help you avoid the higher fat and protein foods, but not compromise taste and nutrition:

Craving Cheese

We don’t recommend low fat or fat free cheese for obvious reasons (if you don’t know – TASTE and QUALITY), not to mention the chemicals! Have some of that delicious Gorgonzola or Asiago cheese, just go lightly on the amounts.

Monkeys are allowed some dairy in their diets, but they can’t go overboard. And it is not hard to do that with cheese! Just a little sprinkle over your potatoes or vegetables tends to go a long way with just a small amount.

Need Milk

Milk is where you want to go low fat. Monkeys will do best on 1% or even Skim Milk. Just remember to keep the servings sizes small. Three 10 ounce glasses of milk per day is too much. Use milk as an additive, adding it to your whole grain cereal or your coffee or tea. If you also want a little cheese, you’ll need to save up! What about Calcium? Try getting as much as you can from dark greens. But if you are deficient, as many Monkeys are, take a good Cal-Mag supplement.

Snack Time

A lot of people find that dairy foods make great snacks. Things like yogurt, cottage cheese, and string cheese are common between meal foods. They are quick and easy. All of these foods can be purchased in different varieties, and the Monkeys will do well to stick with low fat varieties. But again, remember, the quantities – as we have said in our emails in the past, the Monkey Diet can easily turn into a cheese pizza diet. Monkeys need veggies and complex carbs! Fill up on those! I personally keep a variety of fresh veggies, fruit, and plain low fat yogurt (I love Greek style) in my mini-fridge at the office. I keep a little baggie of an herb mix so I can whip up a little veggie dip, as well as a little honey to whip up a fruit dip at a moment’s notice! Yeah, crazy, but it helps keep me on track! Do what it takes – you’re body will be happy you did!