Syndrome X & The Hauser Diet

Is your weight slowing creeping up?Are your cholesterol and triglyceride levels going up? Is your blood pressure on the rise? Do you suffer from brain fog?… If you are looking at these questions and saying, “wow, this is me”, then you may be at risk for Syndrome X…

What is Syndrome X?

It sounds pretty sinister, doesn’t it? It is! Syndrome X occurs when insulin resistance is combined with high levels of blood fats (cholesterol and triglyceride), too much body fat, and high blood pressure. It is a disorder that most people are at serious risk of developing by the time they reach middle age, if not before. It can also age you faster than normal, and accelerate the process toward developing major health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and other age-related diseases.

Who does Syndrome X affect?

Unfortunately, Syndrome X likely affects the majority of people in one way or another. If you are over the age of 35, you may be more familiar with some of the early signs and symptoms than the names of this condition: feeling sluggish, both physically and mentally, after you eat and at many other times as well. Perhaps you gain a pound here and a pound there and having increasing difficulty in losing them. Your blood pressure may be creeping up year and after year, along with your cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar levels. These are all accepted signs of just getting older, but they are really part of the bigger picture of declining health.

Insulin resistance is caused primarily by a diet high in refined carbohydrates, which probably include many of your favorite and frequently eaten foods, such as cereals, muffins, breads and rolls, pastas, cookies, donuts, and soft drinks. These refined carbohydrates not only raise glucose and insulin to unhealthy levels, but they also are devoid of the many vitamins, minerals, and vitamin-like nutrients our bodies need to properly utilize these foods. The combination between a nutrient-deficient diet increasing glucose and insulin levels, and a sedentary lifestyle affects a lot of us and leads to Syndrome X. You need to stop it before it gets out of control!

How can the Hauser Diet help?

Syndrome X is primarily a lifestyle disease caused by poor nutritional habits and a lack of physical activity. You have the power to easily modify your way of life to protect yourself against Syndrome X. We know this is possible because we have seen dramatic improvements in ourselves and in other people with Syndrome X who have followed the Hauser Diet program.

A patient that sticks out in our mind is a female in her late thirties. Her body weight had literally almost doubled from 170 to her current 327 pounds over the last 10 years since the birth of her son. She had multiple complaints including chronic fatigue, joint pains, fibromyalgia, a sluggish thyroid

gland, and hypertension. She craved sweets, and had experienced gestational diabetes during her prior pregnancy. There was a very strong familial tendency to diabetes, and she herself had already been diagnosed a diabetic and was taking an oral drug to lower her sugar levels. She was trying to avoid sweets, but drank 3 caffeinated beverages per day.

We use this advanced case to illustrate the end result of the Syndrome X, or insulin resistance syndrome (IR), when it is not aggressively managed with a natural medicine approach. The patient developed diabetes, and has lost her youthful vigor, as well as her figure. The gestational diabetes was a clear-cut tip off to the presence of an underlying blood sugar disturbance. It is often managed symptomatically and then ignored by most physicians, as it was in this case. Without attention the patient can look forward to a life of ill health, rapid aging, generalized arteriosclerosis, and the other conditions we’ve mentioned. We are glad she came while still in her thirties because we are confident we can continue to help her lose weight and reduce or eliminate many of the future threats to her health and well being.

Our approach to Syndrome X at CMRS is founded on patient motivation and cooperation. There is no magic drug or supplement that will let you continue your unhealthy eating habits of favorite “comfort foods” mixed with a sedentary lifestyle, yet protect you from the effects of Syndrome X. Finding your Diet Type, getting serious about exercise, and eating natural, whole foods, can help turn your health around before it’s too late!