Prolotherapy for Chronic Pain

Anyone who lives with chronic pain knows what it’s like to wish they could get back to a happy and active lifestyle. When pain stands between the enjoyment of the golf, dancing, running or the ability to play with children or grandchildren, all you want is relief.  Interestingly, according to an article in the British Medical Journal, one-quarter to one-third of people do not seek out medical care for pain, because they expect the doctor to tell them to accept the pain as part of the normal aging process. Living with chronic pain is not normal! It negatively impacts nearly every part of a person’s life, as well as relationships with others. Patients with chronic pain from osteoarthritis or sports injuries should not give up and resort to a lifetime of pain medications or multiple surgeries.

Pain indicates degenerated tissue, most often ligament and tendon damage causing joint instability. Degenerated tissue needs regeneration! This is why regenerative injection treatments (Prolotherapy) are a more effective way to eliminate chronic pain than using medications or steroid shots to mask it. When a joint is injured, including wear and tear, the ligaments become overstretched. Ligaments take a long time to heal, and often do not heal completely on their own. Unhealed ligaments make the joint unstable. The wobbly joint is prone to further injury and eventual osteoarthritis, as the body overgrows bone to try and stabilize the joint.  Prolotherapy involves strategically injecting solutions into the degenerated tissue attachments, restarting the wound-healing cascade. The result is deposition of new collagen which shrinks as it matures. The shrinking collagen tightens the ligaments that were injected, making them stronger and more secure, thus stabilizing the unstable joint. Prolotherapy is very effective at repairing the majority of joint injuries and relieving chronic joint pain.