Nerve Release Injection Therapy (NRIT)

It is often not understood that ALL pain has a nerve component. Patients seek various forms of therapies for relief of nerve irritations, just like they do for other chronic pain conditions. Unfortunately, many treatments may actually be causing more harm than good, such as long-term use of medications or steroids. As with other sensations, pain is carried by nerves to the central nervous system, ultimately to be interpreted and experienced by the brain. Nerves alert the brain to the presence of an injury or problem because they are being inflamed, entrapped, compressed by nearby bone or myofascial tissue, or encountering excessive stretch.

You can recognize a diagnosis of many nerve pain conditions, because they commonly end with the words neuritis, neuralgia, neuroma, or syndrome. An example is carpal tunnel syndrome. When the condition involves nerve entrapment, a natural treatment that is gaining in popularity to resolve the condition is called Nerve Release Injection Therapy (NRIT). NRIT involves the injection of natural substances to mechanically release the nerve (also called hydrodissection), and also to nourish and restore homeostasis. NRIT is a quick, outpatient procedure performed under ultrasound guidance to direct the solutions to the exact nerve entrapment location. Because the nerve entrapment is resolved and the health of the nerve is restored, the symptom-relieving effects are often felt instantly. How many treatments of NRIT are required? Sometimes one treatment is required, but often, approximately three to six visits are needed for permanent resolution of the nerve irritation and entrapment.

Patients with long-term nerve entrapment may not fully recover, suffering permanent nerve damage. Thus, it is best to seek a medical professional who can restore proper nerve function as soon as symptoms begin. Effective treatment may be faster, easier, and less invasive than you think. What a relief!