Need More Energy?

It seems like everyone you talk to now complains of feeling tired. There is no one cause of lack of energy, and many environmental, dietary, and medical factors may be to blame. Don’t look to a quick fix. You probably have an underlying condition which should be addressed in a natural way.

Remember to take a high quality multi-vitamin every day

Taking the average one per day vitamin will usually have no noticeable benefit. We recommend a pharmaceutical grade quality multi-vitamin whose ingredient quality is guaranteed by the company.

Drink plenty of purified water

In order to determine the amount of water you should drink daily, divide your body weight in pounds by two. This equals the amount of water you should drink in ounces per day. For example, a 150 pound man should drink 75 ounces of purified water per day. *This is a general rule of thumb, and on hot days and especially for athletes, this is not enough water. Very often electrolyte drinks are needed, in addition to extra water.

Get outside and enjoy the sunshine

This might sound corny, but sometimes nature is the best medicine. We are surrounded by toxins everywhere all zapping our energy, especially in metro areas. So taking time to find a clear sky, trees, and grass is important to reconnect with nature. A small time in the sunshine each day can do a lot to brighten your spirits.

When you wake up feeling drained and sluggish, you need to think about yesterday’s food choices.

Unfortunately, we don’t wake up each morning with a clean slate and get to start over from scratch, at least not when it comes to your nutrition. What you ate the day before will stick with you for a little while.

Talk to your doctor about having low energy!

If you suffer with low energy, it is likely not going to be reversed just by starting a pill. We very often see people who are told they are just “depressed” or “stressed out.” Taking a pill will do nothing at reversing the root cause of the problem. We see hundreds of patients every month who are self medicating with herbs from the local health food store and getting nowhere. It is no wonder why their friends think the stuff is snake oil. If you are trying to self medicate with herbs, you could be doing yourself a great disservice.

You may have low hormone levels, causing you to feel tired, weak, or have a low stress tolerance. In the long run, having a few tests for your hormone levels will seem like pennies compared to the amount of life you could be missing out on when you feel so run down. Take the time to talk with a doctor who understands you and wants to get to the root cause of your lack of energy.

If You Need More Energy, Avoid…


Obviously, if you eat too much food, you will feel tired – too much meat, too much cheese, too much bread, too much sugar.


  • Simple Carbs are carbohydrates break down very quickly into sugar. If you eat too much, they will give you the sugar high and the sugar low and not only make you feel tired when the sugar wears off, but make you feel grumpy too.
  • Fruit – most of the Diet Types have little to no fruit. Only the Monkey and Giraffe Diet Types allow more regular fruit through the day. If you drink a lot of fruit juice and eat a few pieces of fruit through the day, chances are it’s too much for your type.


  • White bread and related bakery items such as rolls, bagels, and other white flour offerings
  • Obvious Simple Carb culprits: Candy, Soda, and deserts.
  • Excessive sugar laden condiments.

Pork ribs lathered in a pint a BBQ sauce, oriental foods covered in sweet and sour and other “sweet sauces,” or “candied” anything. Salads swimming in “Russian,” “French,” or other salad dressings that contain very high amounts of sugar. Read those labels! Most recommend two tablespoons per serving. Measure that out and compare it to what you actually put on your salad!


SUGAR IS HIDING IN YOUR PACKAGED FOODS. Remember to go fresh and natural when possible, check labels for sugars content and ingredients, and use sauces and dressings in moderation.


Most people, especially Lions and Otters, have better energy when they leave alcohol out of there diet.

Consistently high energy levels are achievable! If you feel discouraged with your energy, take a look at your diet.


  •  Proteins stuck in the middle of bad fats such as hot dogs, deli meats such as salami or bologna, and breakfast sausages. Not only do these contain bad fats, but are laden with chemicals and additives.
  • Pseudo proteins like protein bars and power drinks that are just disguised candy bars and sugar-laden shakes. Read your labels and avoid excessive sugar. For those who need higher protein, there are better protein options, such as bison and turkey bars that are real protein without the added sugar coating. For those who can have fruit, there are bars that use dates or other real fruit.
  • Deep fried meats.
  • Proteins disguised as healthy food, like farm raised meats and fish treated with antibiotics and hormones.
  • Low Carb foods disguised to look like a high protein foods, such as Low-Carb bagels, breads, and desserts.