Is This Food Healthy?

We receive emails, phone calls, and in person discussions from many of our e-newsletter readers, patients, and friends. One common theme that we see relates to the answer to the question “Is this food healthy?” I recently attended a family gathering and was sitting at the table talking to a few relatives – and they were asking me things like “what about coffee?” “how about blue berries, those are healthy, right?” “what about eggs?” And the list of questions went on.

I found myself replying with the same answer over and over again – “it’s all relative.” What do we mean by that? We mean that the answer to whether a food is “healthy” for you depends on your Hauser Diet Type.

Are these Ten Healthy Foods REALLY Healthy?

Let’s take a look…

1. What about coffee? Coffee is well-tolerated by the Hauser Diet Types who are either slower oxidizers of food or whose blood pH levels are alkaline – the Hauser Monkey and Giraffe Diet Types. Those who are acidic and/or fast oxidizers will feel worse drinking coffee and should avoid it.

2. Berries: loaded with phytonutrients, this juice fruit is supposed to be healthy for all, right? Wrong! Those whose bodies respond well to fruits (or simple carbohydrates) are the Hauser Monkey and Giraffe Diet Types. Bears can have a little fruit, but Otters and Lions should keep their distance from fruits.

3. Eggs: Eggs are an awesome protein – nearly the perfect protein. Again, whether eggs are healthy for YOU is relative – Lions, Otters, and Bears do very well with eggs. Giraffes need to avoid them, and Monkeys can occasionally have them. You say “what about my cholesterol?” – I think most people now realize that this is a myth. Egg yolks will actually help lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol and improve your HDL (good) cholesterol.

4. Nuts: fresh, organic nuts are not only delicious, but loaded with nutrition. But again, all foods are relative when it comes to your Hauser Diet Type. Nuts are high in fat soluble vitamins and provide good fats and protein. Hauser Lion and Otter Diet Types do best with nuts. Hauser Monkey and Giraffe Diet Types should definitely limit their intake of nuts because they will make an alkaline person more alkaline – and thus not feel their best. Yet, Hauser Lions and Otters feel great with nuts.

5. Fruit juice beverages and snacks: I recently heard a patient talking about some great pomegranete fruit drops that were 100% “natural.” She was eating them because she thought they were healthy for her providing her with antioxidants. Another patient was talking to us about berry flavored fruit tea that she liked to drink in order to get her antioxidants. Again, this is a misconception. These two products truly are just loaded with sugar. None of the Hauser Diet Types really needs these foods. But the Hauser Monkey and Giraffe Diet Types’ physiology can tolerate them better than the Hauser Lions and Otters who require a higher fat/protein diet, not one loaded with sugars and simple carbs.

6. Butter vs Margarine: Definitely butter!! But can we all eat it? Again, Hauser Lions and Otters do best with fats, where the other three diets should limit it, Giraffes limit it the most. Margarine should be avoided by all Diet Types – because it is just one molecule away from plastic!

7. Veggies! Veggies are foods that we can actually say that each one of the Hauser Diets should eat. When we are talking veggies, we are talking V-E-G-E-T-A-B-L-E-S – this does not mean ketchup on your burger or french fries on the side of your burger! We are dark greens, deeply colored, fresh veggies. This includes things like green beans, eggplant, squash, tomatoes, brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. Again, the theory of Hauser Diet Relativity comes into play, however. Hauser Giraffes should be consuming veggies all day long for all three meals, where the Hauser Lion and Otter Diets use vegetables as side dishes. It’s not that the veggies will make Lions and Otters feel badly. They just need to consume more protein and fats to make them feel their best.

8. Whole grains: Whole grains are good for you, right? Heart healthy? Colon healthy? Yes – and no. Hauser Bear, Monkey, and Giraffe Diets may consume whole grains, but the Hauser Lions and Otters need to just have these occasionally and in small quantities. Again, it’s based on your physiology – not just whether it’s a good or bad food.

9. Fresh fruit: Most people love fruit – especially in the summer! Fruit is “healthy” right? Many (and I mean many) of our patients have a very hard time reducing their fruit consumption. Fruit is one step away from sugar. This means that it is a simple carbohydrate. Giraffe Diet Types do the best with fruit, but even Giraffes should not eat it ad lib. Fruit can easily pack on the pounds. Again, Lions and Giraffes should avoid fruit – it’s not a good fuel for their bodies.

10. Fish: Here is another food that most Hauser Diet Types do very well with and pack a lot of nutrition per bite. Obviously, Lions and Otters can consume fish in larger quantities, as fish is a protein/fat food. Thus, Giraffes still need to avoid fish or have it only rarely. Monkeys can have fish in smaller quantities than Lions and Otters, as they don’t require that much protein in their diets. Bears can consume fish regularly in moderate amounts.

Tips for recognizing what’s healthy for you:

1. Know and understand your Hauser Diet Type.

2. Know what foods are considered carbs, proteins, and fats. See the Hauser Diet book for more on this.

3. Read labels and understand the breakdown of carbs, protein, and fat in the food you are choosing.

4. Any food item loaded with sugar in any form should be avoided – sugar, cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup, glucose, sucrose, maltose, and the list goes on.

5. Think fresh – fresh meats, fish, vegetables, and grains. What we eat should consist of these fresh foods – just in a different balance for each of us.