How Does The Typical American Diet Fit Into The Hauser Diet Plan?

It Doesn’t!

Recently I was explaining the Hauser Diet concepts to a friend that I hadn’t seen for a while. It’s always interesting to hear people’s reactions to the Hauser Diet. Most people are very interested and feel that it makes a lot of sense after we explain it. The good thing about the Hauser Diet is that we use scientific, laboratory testing to determine your Hauser Diet Type, including serum Blood pH and a modified Glucose Tolerance Test, in conjunction with a Hauser Diet Typing Questionnaire, and sometimes a food allergy panel. I explained to my friend, as you have read in our prior newsletters, the Hauser Diet program is made up of five individual diets varying in the amounts of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. The Hauser Lion is highest in protein and fat, where the Hauser Giraffe is highest in complex carbohydrates, lowest in fat. The Otter, Bear, and Monkey Diets fit in between these two.

If you listen to the media and the recommendations of the USDA and various health organizations, every American should be consuming a diet low in fat, high in carbohydrates, and avoid red meat, eggs, and salt. Well, as you know, we recommend that each person be tested using the Hauser Diet Typing tests to determine which diet your body needs to maximize its energy production. So we obviously do not agree that every American should be eating the same way. We see many Otters at Caring Medical because we live in a colder climate which will acidify the venous blood pH, making them tolerate proteins and fats very well. Otters actually do well eating red meat, eggs, butter, nuts, etc. If an Otter consumed a high carbohydrate, low fat diet, he/she would not feel good – most likely feeling lethargic, lazy, and would gain weight. Carbohydrates for an Otter will actually lead to diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol levels, while meat and eggs actually make him/her feel better and healthier.

How do most Americans eat? Well, here’s where the nutrition authorities have it somewhat correct. Have you heard of the SAD diet? S.A.D. stands for the standard American diet. SAD is how much of America eats. Most Americans eat out too often, don’t eat fresh foods, don’t cook, eat fake foods (including the infamous fat-free, sugar-free so-called food line), eat very few, if any vegetables and whole grains, and overall, have very poor diets.

The SAD diet, according to the US government, is defined as
• High in animal fats
• High in unhealthy fats: saturated, hydrogenated
• Low in fiber
• High in processed foods
• Low in complex carbohydrates
• Low in plant-based foods

If I were to analyze the typical American diet, I think I would find that it is high in bad fats such as trans/hydrogenated fats; as well as high in simple carbohydrates such as sweets, sugar, soda, and the like. It is devoid of fresh foods, therefore devoid of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. So as you can see, actually, the American Diet does not really fit into any of the Hauser Diet categories. It’s a “diet” all its own – a bad one!

You might be thinking “That might be other people, but I don’t eat like this.” Well, I challenge you to keep a food diary for one week and see what you find. You might be surprised. If you typically consume pizza, tacos, hot dogs, corn dogs, fish sticks, mac’n cheese, Ramen noodles, canned soup, frozen dinners, and drink beverages such as diet soda, regular soda, fruit drinks, sweetened teas and the like, you are consuming non-nutritious, non food. Do you see any real and healthy proteins, carbohydrates, or fats? Nope – nada – nothing.

Where’s the beef? Where are the veggies? They’re not there! You need to start eating real food! Seriously, some of our patients ask us, “What do you mean, real food?” They don’t think that there is anything wrong with what they are eating. Many people are so far gone from eating fresh real foods that they have no idea what we are talking about. We are talking about buying fresh chicken, beef, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, potatoes – you know – FOOD! We don’t mean the kind that comes in a little box or can.

Recently we saw a patient who came in for Hauser Diet Typing. He actually was not overweight, but wanted to have more energy and get back his zest for life. When we took his diet history, what did we find? He literally did not eat any food at home – not even breakfast. He grabbed a sweet roll and coffee from the local coffee place; went to a sub sandwich shop for lunch; and grabbed a fast food dinner which he either ate in the car before he got home or he ordered in food from a Chinese restaurant or pizza joint. Our number one goal with this gentleman was to get back to basics. He needed to put some food in his refrigerator. You will be amazed at how much you overeat when you eat out. We are all conditioned to clean our plates. Most restaurants provide very large food portions, much more than the average person needs. In addition to that, much of the food is processed food – loaded with chemicals, additives, and preservatives. These are not things you want to be dumping into your body day after day, year after year.

Here’s a little side note – recently my husband Ross and I had a free weekend. So we drove down to downtown Chicago and are sitting in Millenium Park with our dueling laptops, nerdily writing articles, catching up on work we needed to do, all the while people watching and enjoying the beautiful weather. When faced with the need for a little snack, we took a look at the vendor stands where the smell of Chicago-style hotdogs wafted over to us. Now if you have never had a Chicago-style hotdog, you certainly should try one, because they are quite tasty. However, we don’t recommend them every day. I sent my husband off to find us something to eat. Being the Hauser Diet guru that he is, he came back with something he knew I would like to eat – fresh hummus, tomatoes, olive tampenade, and a roast turkey sandwich on whole grain bread. We chose not to eat the Chicago style hotdog and found something much healthier. So what’s the point? The point is that every day we all make food choices. As one of my biking buddies said to me one time, “nobody forces us to eat. We voluntarily feed ourselves. We control what we put into our bodies.” That’s the point.

Most Americans need to sit up and take notice. Your future health is at stake. One of these days you’ll wake up and realize that you are not 20 years old any more and that you are now facing the diseases of aging (diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and cancer.) Many of these diseases are prevented by what we put into our mouths.

So how does the typical American diet compare to the Hauser Diet? It doesn’t! It doesn’t even come close to any of the five Hauser Diets.

Convinced? What should you do now?

1. Get Diet Typing to find out how you should be eating – to maximize energy for your body.

2. Clean out your kitchen pantry and fridge and get rid of all fake foods. (I know, you might not have anything left).

3. Drink purified water as your primary beverage.

4. Buy fresh foods – including fresh vegetables, meats, poultry, fish, and whole grains.

5. Learn to cook and start doing it. Try new recipes. Get out of your comfort zone. You might even find that you have a passion for cooking – let the chef within you out!

6. Eat out less frequently. Pack your lunch. Make dinner in a crock pot so its waiting for you when you get home from work.

7. Don’t be SAD – be RAD – instead of the Standard American Diet, choose the RADICAL American Diet – the Hauser Diet.

If you do these things, chances are you’ll be eating great – and chances are you’ll feel great! Never underestimate the power of food!