It may not be possible to be happy all of the time, but being happy more frequently is a great goal. For many of us, happiness is dependent on the way we are treated by others, which can be disappointing. On the other hand, even when people treat us great, we may have difficulty finding happiness, because we are unhappy with ourselves, our job, or our health.

Simple changes can make a big difference. Some small changes can shift our frame of mind from negative to positive. It may seem trite or cliché, but include more gratefulness in your daily routine. Take time to notice and enjoy nature. Appreciate people too! Say more positive comments to family and friends. Focus on things and activities you like instead of dislike. Smile!

Help others. You never know what people are going through, and how even a small gesture can change someone’s day. Hold the door for someone at the grocery store. Say a kind word to a stranger. Your perspective and your day may very well turn around too!

Take walks with friends. Social activity has been shown to boost our happiness meter, as well as regular exercise.

Learn something new. People get into ruts, doing the same thing day after day. Challenging ourselves helps us to grow and gives us purpose, which makes us happier.

Organize! Clearing the outside clutter can actually contribute to inner calm. Excessive possessions can weigh us down. If you have more than you can productively use, donate it!

Get enough sleep and make your sleep surroundings more comfortable! If they are too hot, cold, or noisy, make the simple changes to make you sleep better and feel more relaxed.

Finally, do everything possible to strengthen your relationships because they are key to happiness!