Following The Hauser Diet while on Vacation

Just because it’s summer time doesn’t mean you have to fall off the healthy eating wagon. We know it’s hard to stay on track when you’re out of your normal routine, like when you take a trip, but if you think about it ahead of time it will be much easier. Keep in mind that staying on your Hauser Diet while on vacation will give you the energy to let you enjoy the break away from home much more.

Before Your Vacation

• Stay on track! The better you are before you leave, the better you’ll be while you’re gone.

While attending weekend cook outs Lions and Otters shouldn’t leave room for dessert. Concentrate on those protein containing foods and good fats – have chicken, burgers (no bun), and add some fiber with fresh veggies and salads.

Monkeys and Giraffes need to pass on the hotdogs and burgers and load up on veggie-based dishes and sides – and have some of that yummy fresh fruit salad! None of the Hauser Diets should focus on foods such as store-bought potato salad, fried foods, or huge desserts. Try to find some unsweetened iced tea or water to drink too! Lots of beer means lots of beer – bellies!

• Think about how to stick to your Hauser Diet while away from home. Plan on taking a few non perishable snacks with you. Nuts and beef jerky are great for Lions and Otters; where trail mix, natural dried fruit, whole grain crackers are all better choices for the Bear, Monkey, Giraffe Diet Types.

• Check out the restaurants for the area you’ll be visiting on the internet. Look at menus to get an idea of what offers the best choices to help support your new healthy eating habits. You don’t have to eat at fast food joints! If you find that the restaurants are lacking, then look for grocery stores. We do this all the time when traveling. Many hotels have mini-fridges nowadays. But if not, bring a cooler and ice packs and you can make your own food! There’s no reason to fall off the wagon! You can do it! It just takes a little planning!

While You’re Gone

• Snack on the healthy foods that you brought with you or grab something that’s right for your Diet Type once you get there. Skipping meals when you are out can lead to disaster. You are more apt to make bad choices and eat too much when you do eat. That’s why we recommend having Diet Type appropriate snacks with you on your trip.

• Don’t use the “I’m on vacation so it doesn’t matter” attitude. You may be on vacation, but those calories you’re eating aren’t. When you go home, so will they!

• Be active. Stick to your workout regimen as much as possible. You don’t need to have access to a gym either. Summer is the best time to get out and walk, do some push ups and core exercises in your hotel room. Planning a day of hiking or a scenic bike ride is the perfect way to incorporate physical activity into your trip.

When You Get Back

• Get back into your routine as quickly as possible. Again, don’t use the “I just back from vacation”, attitude. You’re back, and it’s time to fall into the same healthy habits you were following before you left.

• Make sure you get plenty of rest. Sleep can be just as important as nutrition and physical activity in staying healthy. Many people say they need a vacation from their vacation. This is because we tend to run our bodies all out during a trip. Catching up on any missed Zs and getting back into the swing of things will be a lot easier.

• Revisit your goals and your Hauser Diet! A vacation can leave you with a revived mind making this a good time to check in on your self and how well you’re doing at achieving your health goals.

Remember, if you eat great, chances are you’ll feel great! Who wouldn’t want to feel great? Much of the way we feel is tied to what we eat. If you do not know your Hauser Diet Type yet, come on in and get tested. There’s no time like the present to start!