Are Frozen “Health Meals” Really Healthy?

We have mentioned before the importance of eating fresh, organic food. The nutrients found in fresh food are what are bodies are naturally designed to digest and use for energy and health promotion. If you take a look at the ingredient label in a frozen food, you will see more unnatural items listed than natural ones.

In one popular “healthy” frozen meal we found that the chicken tenderloin in the meal was prepared with high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, modified cornstarch, sodium phosphates and potassium chlorides. The other food in this same meal were prepared with ferric phosphate, mononitrate, sugar, modified corn starch, brown sugar syrup, chicken flavor, yeast extract, maltodextrin, chicken powder, more potassium chloride and more caramel color. Now you see what we mean when we often refer to these types of food as “fake”. The taste and color are both created by additives foreign to the human body!

The more a body has to process foreign invaders, the more stress and less nutrition it receives. Someone eating this meal is actually making his or her body work harder by ingesting these substances. Even worse, what little nutrition that is available in these meals is diminished even more by the microwave.

What’s so bad about a microwave?

A recent headline on a news website read “Nuking Frozen Meals Can Make You Sick”. This article is in response to 32 cases of salmonella poisoning from frozen meals that were not cooked thoroughly. These outbreaks occurred after hundreds of people got sick from frozen pot pies and frozen pizzas. The article suggested using a food thermometer to check the frozen meals before eating to be sure that these meals are safe to eat. This seems like a lot of work for a “convenience” meal, especially one that will deliver miniscule amounts of nutrition. We hope that the risk of food poisoning is not the only thing that turns you away from frozen meals. No matter what your Hauser Diet Type is, everyone should be wary about the nutritional content of these meals and the microwaves used to prepare them.

Food that is cooked in a microwave oven will be altered in some way. Studies have shown that cooking with a microwave changes the nutrients in the food, it actually degenerates all of the healthy components and even created toxins. Other studies have shown that availability of vitamins and minerals decreases, energy is lost, proteins are denatured, and structures of food are broken down from microwave cooking. The best ways to heat or re-heat items are by using a toaster oven or on the stove top. These methods do not alter any nutrients in food and will keep toxins out of your meals.

So the next time you consider cooking a frozen meal for dinner, remember your health! Frozen meals that are full of additives and preservatives are not going to help you feel great, and eating food that requires microwave cooking will not make you feel great either. Take the Hauser Diet approach and fix fresh delicious food for all of your meals – it will do wonders for your health! If you eat great, you will feel great!