Hauser Diet Success Stories

Weight Loss Success

Unexplained Weight Gain
Susan – Declining Health, Increasing Weight
Not Able To Lose Weight? It Could Be Food Allergies
Michael – Insulin Levels & Weight
Are You Over Weight & Over 60?
Is 40 Your Age to be Fabulous?
Lisa – Diet for Weight Loss, Energy, Allergies & Digestion
Rebecca – Grandma Avoids the Right Foods
Glenda – Don’t Stray From Your Diet
Ralph – The Heavy Doctor
Ralph – Approaching 50 with Sleep, Weight, Fatigue, & Severe Pain Problems

Overcoming Chronic Pain

Lenny – Diet & Chronic Pain
Jackie – College Student Suffering from Exhaustion & Body Pain
Mark – Diet & Chronic Pain
Karen – Prolotherapy and Diet
Lauren – A Case of the Wrong Diet

More Energy

Joe – Give Yourself More Energy!
Jack – Dad’s New Energy!
Gregg – Replacing Caffeine with Protein Gave This Patient an Energy Boost
Andrea – Mom Finds New Energy with the Lion Diet
Diet, Thyroid, & Fatigue
Kathy – A Patient Starts the Lion Diet
Anne – Fatigue, Excess Weight, Bloating & Stiffness

Avoiding Allergies

Sara – Food Allergies
Rich – Food Sensitivity Testing
Mike – Otters & Allergies
Ken – Lions & Allergies
Alex – A Nine Year-Old-Boy Who Was Always Sick

Balancing Hormones

Seth – Balancing Horomones with The Hauser Diet
Darcy – Two Years Later, Hormones, High Cholesterol & Osteopenia
Tori – Busy Mom Needs Some Diet Typing Help
Tim – 60+ Year-Old Man Testosterone
Allison – The Wrong “Healthy” Diet

Other Improved Conditions

Cutting Out Sugar May Not Be Enough for Diabetics
Mary – Preventing Diabetes with Diet
Ben – Diet Typing Stops Diabetes in its Tracks
Mary – High Insulin Levels
Sue – Rheumatoid Arthritis
Geri – The Hauser Diet for Hypertension
Andy – Ulcerative Colitis
Dave – Immune System & Candida
Diet, Fatigue & Fibromyalgia
Judy – Complicated Case Starts with Diet
Karrie – Eating Healthy, Feeling Terrible
Sally – Headache Relief, Weight Loss & More
Henry – Glucose Tolerance Changes with Diet Typing
Molly – Migraines & The Hauser Diet
Stacy – Digestion, Acid Reflux & Bad Skin
Eric – Gas & Bloating

Lifestyle Changes

Claire – Getting The Whole Family On The Hauser Diet
Lisa – Overcoming a Busy Schedule to Eat Right
Alice – Why To Avoid Fake Foods
Judi – When is it Time to be a Vegetarian?
Mary – Fabulous at 50 & Beyond!
Not Everyone Benefits from a Vegetarian Diet
Tom – The Otter Fireman